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Edit Club Information

Purpose: The article explains how to edit Club Application Information that you have previously entered. The goal of this process is to steam line the communication in changes from a Club admin to Rugby Canada.

Step 1: CLICK HERE and Select the completed registration '2017 Club Setup Application'
Step 2: Select Edit on the Page that holds any information that needs to be changed.

Step 3: Complete any Edits.
Step 4 (IMPORTANT): Select 'Edit' on the 'Made an Edit' Page, located at the bottom of your entry.

Step 5: Change the 'Made an Edit' to 'I just made a Change- Send an Automatic Email to Rugby Canada', add in details on the changes, and save. Rugby Canada will get an automatic email of these changes, so please DO NOT send an email detailing these changes.

The changes will be made in 2 business days or less